Gleb Glonti
An ongoing anthropological sound-art project-research. A study of the sound environment that surrounds us.
Since 2017.


"Sound helps us navigate in space. We use a sound field to transmit and read various signals, including signals to each other, speech. But sound also has a negative effect. The concept of "noise pollution" is found not only in relation to noisy objects of the urban environment, but also historically in industrial enterprises, and today also in large office spaces and entertainment complexes.

In 2013, I began to record and study sound landscapes on the streets of various cities, as well as recorded in apartment buildings and public spaces, because they always conceal a very interesting palette of sounds. Over time, it grew into a sound anthropological project "Just Take Time To Listen" — a study of the audio environment that surrounds us. Our perception of noise depends not only on the volume of mechanical and other sounds around but also on the psychological aspect of the perception of these sounds.

Interacting with the objects that I mapped, it is important to capture a new aesthetic experience that is achieved through the act of listening."


Murmansk is an industrial city — a port, which is reflected through the dominant feature of industrial sounds: cranes in a port, a railway junction. All that exists in natural sounds of water, seagulls and wind. Significant, but with seasonal restrictions, are the sounds of interaction with snow: steps, the sound of shovels that remove snow, snow removal equipment.

"On my last afternoon in Murmansk, during a break in the blizzard, I headed out to experience Glonti's urban acoustic intervention, Just Take Time to Listen, carrying a map bearing the locations it was taking place in. Initially, I was stumped: despite standing, as requested, inside the door of the railway station and by the sea terminal, there was no sign of speakers or any hint of an installation, acoustic or otherwise.

Then, as the light came down, the penny dropped: Glonti was asking me to listen to the particular sonic textures of the city itself. I tried again, closing my eyes and trying to ignore the cold seeping into my fingers. Heard from a railway bridge, there was the rasp of a worker's shovel scraping snow, mingling with the grumbling of container lifts at the seaport and the occasional distinctive toy-like whistle of a Russian train. By the arts college, there was the rustle of fir trees and the churning swoosh of cars negotiating ice, in counterpoint to the foghorn-like vocals of a busker yelling his way through 1970s Russian rock. I'd never quite heard anything like it."

Andrew Dickson
The Guardian

Release date: Started at 2016
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