Gleb Glonti + Mikhail Myasoedov
The audiovisual work made by Gleb Glonti and Mikhail Myasoedov is a diptych: two realities here exist simultaneously. The smaller "Ephemeral" matches with the transience of our life, "a short flash of vanity," this part is immersed in eternity — timelessness — part called "Timeless".

The work was commissioned by Ruarts Foundation for the opening exhibition in the brand new space in Trubnikovsky Lane that exhibits the best of the Foundation's collection. The Eternal Values project is arranged following the building features and is based on the full data analysis of the collection. Everything perceived by the audience is the data converted with the help of various data manipulation algorithms and math functions.
The audiovisual work is the culmination part of the total sound installation that occupies the complete building and sounds on each floor. This part works with the conception of the enriching of given architectural space with the sound.

The visual part of the project is based on the colors of the original work. Monochrome spheres correspond with black and white photographs. The shape is determined by decomposing the artwork into pixels and dictated by the brightness of each of them. The text appearing on top of the figure is a label for the work. The visible geography is tied to locations from the artist's biography.

The musical part of the project involves the choir, orchestra, and electronics. A characteristic sound is a result of the decomposition of each work of the collection into the RGB color model and further sonification of each of the color pallets. The title of the work and the name of the author (their Unicode, length) affect the rhythmic pattern of the musical composition.

The observer simultaneously receives a large amount of data, which includes all the necessary information about works in the collection and the authors.

A total sound installation that simultaneously occupies all public spaces of the RuArts foundation's new building. In addition to the technical function assigned to the soundscape, this installation's semantical intention is to reflect the creators' conceptual vision of the collection.

In this case, the sound is becoming a tool in a thought experiment that is intended to break into the curator's head.

Playing with building spaces engages a system of communication between floors and rooms. On the first floor, the created composition is blending with the sounds produced in the cafe, and on the fourth floor, in the atrium of the building, fundamentally new work is produced by collecting everything that sounds in different parts of the exhibition space.

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